The US Masters Residential Property Fund, established to give investors the opportunity to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of US-based residential property assets, is the first Australian listed trust of its kind.

US Masters Residential Property Fund – URF Notes II Offer

US Masters Residential Property Fund has announced the lodgement of a prospectus with ASIC for an offer of unsecured notes (URF Notes II). The URF Notes II carry a fixed annual interest rate of 7.75% pa payable quarterly and maturing approximately five years and two months from the issue date. At an offer price of $100 per note, the offer will raise a minimum of $50 million up to $100 million, with the ability to accept oversubscriptions of up to $50 million. Proceeds of the issue of URF Notes II will provide additional capital to the Fund enabling it to execute its investment strategy, including the renovation of properties and acquisition of new properties, as well as pay costs of the offer and provide funds for working capital and debt servicing purposes consistent with the investment strategy of URF.



An investment in URF Notes II will only be available through a valid application form attached to the Prospectus or an online Application accompanied by the electronic Prospectus.